Apex Auto Spa is “Passionate about what moves you.”

Auto Express Detail

  • Hand wash
  • Wipe door and trunk jams
  • Vacuum interior
  • Quick clean of front floor mats
  • Quick wipe dash and interior plastics
  • Interior and exterior windows
  • Clean wheels and dress tires


Auto Spa Detail

  • Hand wash
  • Vacuum interior
  • Interior and exterior windows
  • Clean and condition interior interior plastics and dashboard
  • Wipe door and trunk jams
  • Hand clean engine bay
  • Polish exterior paint surface with professional high speed polishers
  • (This can take up to five steps with products/compounds of various “cutting” levels)
  • Hand wax exterior painted surfaces
  • Interior upholstery shampoo with high temp exteraction
  • Clean headliner
  • Leather conditioner and vinyl treatments applied
  • Clean all vents, quages, and componites
  • Hand clean wheels
  • Apply satin tire and molding dressings


Ultimate Vehicle Spa Detail

(The Ultimate Car Spa detail includes all of our Spa detail services plus these)

  • Complete exterior clay bar that removes fall-out and light over spray. This process strips all of the impurities off of the paint surface.
  • Extra “cutting” steps to remove deep scratches as best possible
  • Hard water spot removal from paint and glass
  • Apply interior and exterior polymer sealants for extra long protection
  • Touch-up included for up to 20 rock chips


Most boats average $395.00

  • Pricing is $20-25 per foot of length for interior and exterior detailing on boats. This includes a quick clean of the trailer as well.