Our Services

A Full-Service Company

Apex Auto Spa is truly a full service company. Whether you are getting your ride ready for sale, touching up damage, needing a 3M clear bra or window tint, we can help! There are many things we can do to assist you with your needs all under one roof. If you have a car, boat, bike, or RV needing our help, use the links below to familiarize yourself with our range of services. We look forward to welcoming you soon. At Apex we are “Passionate about what you drive!”




This section describes the different levels of detailing we offer, and itemizes the steps involved for you. click here



3M paint Protection Film







This section describes what 3M paint protection film is and what it does for your ride. There are many coverage options with 3M film. It is an amazing defense against everyday debris impact that harm your car. While it’s ideal for new car applications, many used cars may still benefit from this protection film. click here



SunTek Window Tinting




This section describes what window tint can do for you. Window tint is a great product to not only protect you and your car, but to enhance the look of your ride! Window tint is very much legal in the NW, and does not block your view from inside the car. click here