We think everyone deserves to enjoy a squeaky-clean ride. That’s why at Apex Auto Spa, we have a commitment to provide the highest level of service at the best price. Our rates are listed below. We frequently offer discounts to our loyal customers, so be sure to ask if we have a current special available when you book your service.


Hand Wash $30 (Most cars)

Hand Wax $80 (Most cars)
Apply carnauba wax or synthetic sealant to paint surface that lasts for a couple months

Clay Bar $60 (Most cars)
An automotive grade clay applied by hand to exfoliate the paint finish. This process removes all contaminates and debris that won’t come off with a wash or polish, resulting in an ultra smooth paint feel

Express Detail $85-105 (Most cars)
Hand wash exterior with soft mitt, chamois dry, hydro wax, wipe jambs, hand clean wheels, dress tires, clean glass in and out, quick vacuum, shampoo front mats, quick wipe down of all interior surfaces

Apex Spa Detail $275-395*
Hand wash exterior with soft mitt, chamois dry, clean jambs, hand clean wheels, dress tires, clean glass in and out, complete vacuum, shampoo carpets/mats and upholstery, clean headliner, clean and condition all panels and dash, high speed polish to paint surface, hand wax, treat non-painted exterior plastics.

Apex Ultimate Detail $395-595
(Includes the Apex Spa Detail steps plus these)
Complete paint clay bar, 2-3 extra passes with the high speed polish to remove scratches, hard water spot removal from glass and paint, interior and exterior polymer sealants for extra long protection, touch-up for up to 20 rock chips included.

PremiumShield Elite/3M/Xpel Paint Protection Film $395+
Several coverage options available as well as Al-a-Cart options. Contact us for details.

SunTek Window tint $100+
Pricing will vary by vehicle and coverage options. See rep for details

Windshield Chips and stars $40 for 1, $10 for additional
Professionally repair chips or stars in windshield.

Paint rock chip repair $45+
Mix touch-up paint to factory paint code and micro brush touch chipped paint areas.

Leather dyeing and repair $95+
Professionally restore the leather finish to OEM color and appearance. We can repair small tears/cracks and damage, or just remove blue jean or transfer staining.

Bumper Repair $225+
Restore impacted bumpers to OEM condition. Part replacement available if the damage is too severe.

Curbed wheel repair $120 per wheel
Repair the damage and finish on all painted wheels. No chrome or polished aluminum.

Paint-less dent removal $95 per dent/panel
Small dent and door ding removal.

Windshield Tune-up $45
Remove all contaminates from glass, apply water shedding agent, clean wipers. If new wipers are needed, apply cost of blades only, labor to install is free

Headlight Re-new $65 per $120 pair
Wet sand lens surface with various grades of grit to remove oxidation. Polish to clear/gloss finish. Permanent repair, not an off the shelf cover up that comes back after it rains!