“I would highly recommend Apex for window tinting, 3M clear bra, detailing and cosmetic repairs of your car. Apex treated us well, communicated thoroughly, explaining the tinting and the paint protection. If you have a small blemish inside or outside of your car they can make it like new. I have no vested interest in this company I just felt their customer service deserved to be reported. Pet the shop dog, it is friendly!”

Jon S.


“Great experience! I got all of my windows tinted and the 3M clearbra. I waited 4 months before writing a review because I wanted to see if the work would last. Not only did they squeeze me in the very next day, but they also did a perfect job on the window tinting and the clearbra. I highly recommend!”

Dave C.


“I simply cannot say enough nice things about Apex – John has great customer service and I really felt like my business was important to him. While it would first appear that Apex is ‘overpriced’ – I will tell you that it’s worth every… single… penny. I have read horror story after horror story about various detailing shops – where they slather the car in grease, neglect to wax the whole car, or powerwash the engine bay and get water into their headlights.

John saw me pull up while he was visiting with a dealership up the road and called ahead of me to have an employee keep me company and make small talk. (I was early.)

John was able to quote me a reasonable price and gave me a few discounts for the bundle – and assured me that no corners would be cut in the bumper restoration and detail. The front bumper had some deep scratches from licking a curb pulling out of a parking spot.

He expected the job to take three days, and finished in two. The car looked better than when I bought it from the dealership. The wax and polish was beyond perfect – and the front bumper looked as though no damage ever took place. The interior looked great, and wasn’t slathered in armor-all like many places would do. My leather seats looked plumper and my leather steering wheel is now more comfortable to hold.

That night I noticed some of worn leather was removed from the conditioning of the seats, and John said he could touch it up free of charge, and to set up an appointment.

Don’t take your car anywhere else. Pay the extra $75 to get it detailed at Apex over the other car shops. I wasn’t pressured, the job wasn’t rushed, and the results speak for themselves.

Great experience, I’ll be bringing all of my cars here!”

Kyle K.


“Fast, friendly service…OUTSTANDING prices!”

Aaron H.


“As an Entrepreneur myself its great when you run into another entrepreneur that is incredibly passionate about his business… that is what I experienced today at Apex.

John is the kind of guy who is going to greet you by your first name and be extremely helpful and friendly during all your interactions with is company. His communication from start to finish was excellent.

I had widow tint and 3M clear bra installed. The apex team did fantastic work fitting the tint and clear bra much tighter and neater than my previous experiences with other vendors.

I’m also interested in their express detail service, done while you wait and for under $50… I’ll report back when I’ve had a chance to use it.”

Andrew B



“I had a small tear in my seat. Apex did a great job repairing it. Quick turnaround & friendly service. The guys were great and discussed the pro’s & con’s with me prior to the work being done. I’ll take my cars back for a full detail when the timing is right.

And the shop dogs were cute and friendly”




“Took my Aaston Martin in for clear bra and they did an amazing job. The washed, waxed, and even touched up the rock chips.

I am very happy with the work of John and his staff. I have already scheduled appts for my truck and my wife’s car.”

Thanks John

Derik F.



“May I just say, you boys “ROCK”! I am a very picky woman with my black mustang and you have kept her looking beautiful. I am also the finance director at a New Car Dealership and the service you have provided our customers is a valuble one. I have had nothing but raves about your work and how amazing their vehicle looks when it gets back after the 3M, tint, and sealants have been applied. Your attention to detail is the reason that I keep coming back and have no reservations leaving our $35-65,000 vehicles with you. Keep up the good work and I look forward to doing business with you for years to come!”

Shelley S.



“Apex did an amazing job on my Passat and my 4Runner – they polished out some curb rash on one of my alloys – made it look like new and a perfect match to the other rims. Also removed a ding and fixed a rip in one of the leather seats. They do great work for what I think is a very reasonable price.”

Chris C



“Apex Auto Spa should be the first and last stop for your auto needs. John (owner) and his team are professional and provide excellent customer service and superior craftsmanship. I have had my cars “detailed” by a few other shops in the area and the results were minimal. The other shops polished my car and surfaced cleaned. Apex on the other hand did a stellar job! I was so thrilled when I picked up my car that is now almost 10 years old. They made the car look like new; they touched up rock chips and got rid of the shine on the leather and got it back to the factory matte finish. They take pride in their work and are well worth the investment.

Best of all. I just had a Beaverton upholstery shop ruin a custom job that I hired them for. I immediately took the car over to John and gave me some suggestions to fix the problem and tested a few ideas. These guys are great and are there for their customers when you need them. I am all about customer service and they are too. If you are not satisfied with your work I have no doubt that they would go above and beyond to fix the problem.”

Ryan G.